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Dogliani (CN) - Italy

project: Fabio Revetria, Lara Sappa

collaborators: Arianna Garelli, Lucrezia Nari, Simone Bianchi

client: private

year: 2023

Cascina_B is a typical rural dwelling in Alta Langa, located in the municipality of Dogliani (Cn). The restoration project of the former barn, converted into an annex of the main house, was designed with the intention of offering a contemporary intervention that does not deny the original purpose of the structure.  The Langhe stone walls were simply cleaned, without grouting or additions, and the existing roof timbers were sanded and integrated with new planks. A small wooden extension was added to the original volume, which simultaneously serves as a winter garden connected to the living space and a treehouse among the branches of the large plane tree.

photo :  Barbara Corsico

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