I sentieri battuti sono pieni
di visioni addormentate
Il Filatoio, Caraglio (Cn)
1 december 2014 / 1 february 2015

art direction: collettivo a.titolo

exhibition design: Fabio Revetria, Lara Sappa

client: Associazione Culturale Marcovaldo

year: 2014

After the summer exhibition at the Château de Montmaur, at Gap, in France, the works of the eight transboundary artists arrive at the Spinning Wheel of Caraglio, in the exhibition spaces of CESAC (Experimental Center for Contemporary Arts). The exhibition is the result of a training, exploration and research course, carried out under the artistic direction of the collective of curators a.titolo of Turin under the project "Acteurs transculturels / Youth creativity: a comparison of languages."

What is a border? How is the border space represented? How does one build, and narrate the history and the stories in border areas?

These questions try to answer eight young artists, both Italian and French, interpreting the themes of cross-border territory in this exhibition entitled “The travelled paths are full of sleeping visions”.

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