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Musée de la Corse - CORTE, 2B
18 july 2015 / 3 april 2016

exhibition design: Fabio Revetria, Lara Sappa, Barbara Arciuolo

graphic design: Elio di Raimondo

client: Musée de la Corse

year: 2015

A semi-transparent veil hides literary quotations on the entrance wall of the ÎLE(S) exhibition. It symbolizes the haze that often surrounds the islands when viewed from a distance, but also the aura of mystery in which island cultures live, not comprehensible without effort.

In the middle of the scenery an islet composed of 54 mirrors is the fulcrum of the archipelago / imaginary maze consisting of the ten sequences. The mirrors represent the many facets of Corsican identity and recalls an endless game of the contents of thematic islands that grow all around.

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