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Néo ! Marins-bergers de Provence, il y a 8000 ans
Musée de Préhistoire des gorges du Verdon
29 may / 30 november 2015

exhibition design: Fabio Revetria, Lara Sappa

graphic design: Costanza Matteucci, Merry Lau

client: Musée de Préhistoire des gorges du Verdon

year: 2015

At the exit of the "Neo! Marins-bergers de Provence, il ya 8000 ans" exhibition, a series of mirrors put the visitors in front of themselves, making them suddenly part of the scene, as protagonists. They place them in direct relationship with other members of his kind, capable, 8 thousand years ago, to give life to an artistic production and exceptional symbolism.

They show that the 8,000 years that have passed can be measured above all with the extraordinary cultural evolution that has involved our species and that particularly during the Neolithic period saw a decisive acceleration.

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