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Alteni Park - Parco degli Alteni
Costigliole Saluzzo (Cn)

project: Fabio Revetria, Lara Sappa (park)

client: Amministrazione comunale di Costigliole Saluzzo

year: 2014

Project overview: the design of the new Alteni Park was inspired by a document dating back to 1745. It describes the properties in Costigliole and mentions a “house with courtyard, garden, field and alteno (please refer to the definition below) of prioress Costanzia, halfway through Villafalletto street, via the dance hall, to the west of the house …”

The term alteno defines a field where 3 different types of crops are simultaneously farmed: the cereal/horticultural part at ground level, the arboriculture part and the vineyard. The definition helped to shape the project through landscape renovation on the one hand. On the other, it allowed the study of the territory and of the classic types of agricultural systems. 

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