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Piazza Tornatore
Garessio (Cn)

project: Fabio Revetria, Lara Sappa, Dietmar Bomba

client: Amministrazione comunale di Garessio

year: 2009

Project overview:  the new layout design of Tornatore Square in Garessio was based on the analysis of functional and aesthetic needs in the urban space.


We decided to insert only horizontal elements, such as new flooring and water flow at ground level: this choice is a symbolic reference to the Garessio Spa, whose access can be found across the Plaza, without interfering with existing architectural elements.


The project aimed to re-organise the functions. Specifically: parking lots, paths, green pedestrian areas, public street furniture, and lighting.

A fountain was introduced as a new element and as recurring symbol of the main theme of the project, i.e. water of the Garessio Spa and Spring.

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