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Raccontare il Legno
Il Filatoio - Caraglio (Cn)
7 july / 28 september 2012

art direction, exhibition design: 

Fabio Revetria, Lara Sappa

client: Associazione Culturale Marcovaldo

year: 2012

The exhibition "Recounting wood, handicraft excellence in the province of Cuneo" was promoted by Confartigianato (Italian organization of craftsmanship) of Cuneo and organized by the cultural association of Marcovaldo.

The exhibition, held from 7th July to 28th October 2012 inside the Spinning Wheel of Caraglio, is divided into six sections that describe the use of wood in the province, in all its various forms.

Officina82 oversaw the selection of the contents and the set-up of the project, a virtual account on the craftsman-wood relationship on the Cuneo area over the centuries.

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