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Sant'Eligio alle Falci
Fabbrica Le Falci - Dronero (Cn)
3 december 2011

art direction, exhibition design

Fabio Revetria, Lara Sappa

client: Associazione Culturale Marcovaldo

year: 2011

"Sant'Eligio to the Scythes. When the craft of the blacksmith becomes an artistic expression."

The set-up of the tour for the third edition of "Sant'Eligio to the Scythes" was designed in order to enhance the strong creative component that entails the work of a forger. Alternating working phases to other artistic expressions such as dance, music and short acts of literary works concerning the theme of craftsmanship, a sort of theatrical performance was staged within the nineteenth-century factory.


Thus the rhythm of mallets merged with that of the percussions, the workers became musicians, the lighting generated an original and unusual scenic effect.

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