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Renovation of Borgata Alpisella
Garessio (CN) - Italy

project: Fabio Revetria, Lara Sappa

collaborators: Matteo Sereno, Maddalena Santandrea

client: private

year: 2020 - in progress

Selucente is an innovative hospitality project related to the recovery of the Alpisella hamlet in Garessio (Cn), at an altitude of 1,000 metres, in the Ligurian Alps of Piedmont.


The renovation project was developed by Officina82; Fabio and Lara, the practice’s architects, are both designers and promoters of the project together with Tiziana and Roberto.

The hamlet, although tiny, was in the past an important centre of identity, home to a primary school with more than twenty pupils, the communal oven and the church, the hub of the system of single-family farmsteads surrounding it.


The project aims to suggest a new model of approach to the theme of rehabilitating marginal mountain areas, through an integrated project of architecture and landscape. Although the work was carried out on minor and unconstrained architectural artefacts, it followed the principles of restoration, with the greatest possible respect for the existing structures.

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