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project: Fabio Revetria, Lara Sappa

year: 2018


StarsBOX is a reflection on contemporary mountain life.

Human beings have always wandered in the highlands: they would seasonally hunt there; they would push their limits to find out what’s hidden behind the mountains; they would carve signs on the rocks to honour their deities, and they would look for summer pastures or farmlands. 

StarsBOX comes from the analysis of temporary housing solutions of migrating shepherds, who would visit the mountain pastures in the Ligurian Alps during the summer months. StarsBOX offers shelter, but can also open up towards the sky to provide the visitors with the most aesthetic views of the mountains.  

Look UP is our wish: let’s admire what is beyond, underneath and below us. Let’s perceive what’s around us with new eyes. 

StarsBOX is made of plain birch plywood panels.

StarsBOX has been selected as one of the

Best on Archilovers 2018!

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